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The Ultimate Sci-Fi Word Puzzle Game now available on the App Store!

Sci_Fi Movie Word Puzzle - FreeSci-Fi Movie Word Puzzle iPhone Game Sci_Fi Movie Word Puzzle - Free

Find hidden Sci-Fi Movies in this FREE classic wordsearch puzzle game. Includes 20th and 21st Century Sci-Fi Movies, Horror Movies and now the new advanced version also has Fantasy Movies and Sci-Fi Heroes packs. Accept the challenge of achieving quests and gaining bonus points.

The final frontier of alternate dimensions. Reveal alien words for galactic recognition. Sandworm your way through a chaotic assembly to restore order. ‘oH Qaw’



Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush

Beat your friends and family at this simple yet infuriating game! Available to play now on the App Store.

Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush  Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush

Help Jolly Jelly escape the Grumpy Groupers! Collect points on the way to the surface and compete with friends.
Instant family fun.

~ How to Play
Tap to make Jelly change direction.

~ Features
Game Center
Twitter and Facebook sharing

Enjoy the game!



4 Piano Phases Lite - Free iPhone Music Puzzle Game

Play 4 Piano Phases FREE! Download this intriguing, challenging and addictive music puzzle on the App Store NOW!

4 Piano Phases - Baroque Level - Handel 4 Piano Phases - Classical level - Mozart 4 Piano Phases - Romantic level - Beethoven

Come and meet Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and Stravinsky as you move through the Piano Phases. Open rare manuscripts with your golden notes though be careful and don’t get stuck, all the notes move together but you can’t go up!

Infuriating, addictive and challenging with beautiful piano music.

~How to play~
Swipe the screen to move left, right or down. All the notes move together though cannot move upwards.
Open and close doors by swiping a note over a door switch.
Complete all 120 levels in easy, medium and hard modes to become the Maestro!

“If you fancy a challenging and addictive game. Great fun.” @AYomTov on Twitter

“I’m rubbish at games but I can see this being as addictive as Tetris!!” @dralanwilson on Twitter



Emo Crush - Smash Your Negative Emotions and Get Happy!

Classic arcade game with a twist. Insanely therapeutic. Download on the App Store NOW!

Emo Crush - Smash Your Negative Emotions and Get Happy! Emo Crush - Smash Your Negative Emotions and Get Happy! Emo Crush - Smash Your Negative Emotions and Get Happy!

Shoot hearts to blast your negative emotions. Power up with happy bonus bubbles. Take time out and direct your frustration at your bad feelings rather than someone else…

How to play ~

Tap the screen to activate the hearts.
Swipe the screen to move the lips and aim the hearts.
Catch the bonus bubbles as they fall to power up.

Play all 16 levels free.



Rat Race - Escape the Tedium of Conference Calls

Highly addictive game to amuse you during tedious conference calls. Download now on the App Store.

RR-SS-47-1 RR-SS-47-4 RR-SS-47-2

Experience the rising tension as the game speeds up and your concentration falters. Did someone really just ask you a question? Do you care if you get a higher score?

Don’t. Tell. Your. Boss.

Twitch gaming isn’t just for the kids at the pub anymore.
*** How to play –

Tap to make the rat jump.

*** Features –

No Ads Option
Game Center