Donny Degu


Help lovable fluffball Donny Degu collect his beloved Crocks! Fun for all Degu lovers!

Simply tap the screen to make Donny Degu jump.

Beware, this game is highly addictive 🙂

Share your score with friends and family via the Game Center!


DD-SS-47-1 DD-SS-47-2 DD-SS-47-3

Best game ever I have 2 degus called Candy and floss and I love them so much, this game is so fun and adorable 💗💗 ~ LJSher

So much fun Love the flying poo’s and all the attention to details of the background too. Nice one. ~ Silkglade

Absolutely fantastic Well balanced, beautifully detailed, and the response is perfect. May take a bit for new people to get the hang of but it’s definitely playable once you figure out its all about reaction times 🙂 I also have flappy bird on my phone and all I can say is this game is now it’s official replacement. Well done! ~Technicx4152

AMAZING 😍 Love love love this game! ~ Kiwikrush

Love it Brilliant game really enjoying playing it 🙂 ~ Mizzarrjayy

Very addictive! Very addictive game, Ricky to start with but you can’t put it down! ~ Calli and Io

Love it! Cute game ~ Emse

Gooooooos Really addictive 😊 ~ Ravenwolf90

SO GOOD! Really entertaining. Not too hard or too easy. Great gameplay idea. Love the background as well! ~ Houdini & Hazey

Brilliant!! Great game, super addictive, looks really good 🙂 my only complaint is that the rate button is too close to the play button on the game over screen. Keep accidentally pressing it with my fat thumbs >.< ~ Skid_Vicious1

Note: The controls have now been better spaced, thanks for the feedback Skid_Vicious1!




+++++The Papas of the Symphony are here with BIG WINS!+++++

Enjoy the thrill of this classic FREE 777 slot machine game just like Old Vegas. Play 3-reel slots for authentic play-for-free casino fun!

Symphony-SS-47 Symphony-SS-472

***Game Features***
Free to play
Game Center support to challenge friends
Press the Golden Note for the lowdown on the Composers
Endless fun with free credit!

^^In-App Purchase^^
Unlock payout just ONCE for endless credit to continue play. (Though don’t worry, if you run out of credit and don’t want to buy, you can wait a few seconds for FREE CREDIT!)




Chores are boring! Make tasks more fun by calling them Kitties! Use this simple to do list to schedule all your errands. Achieve your goals and progress through your projects effortlessly. Good habits start with being organized. Though don’t forget to give priority to your cute kitten!

As soon as you fire up Kitty List you get a quick view of the tasks you need to complete. Add a new Kitty by touching the + then use Save to add it to your list. When a task is done simply swipe to delete.






Fantastic new version of the classic Unblock Me game with a Tron twist. Download from the App Store NOW!

Your challenge on the Digital Frontier: To free Red from the Grid in as few cycles as possible by clearing the orange and blue clusters of information out of the way. In this classic and challenging unblock game play all 1200 levels free. Hints available if you get stuck. For kids, adults and Tron fans of all ages. Have fun!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Nov 2015 14.10.10 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Nov 2015 14.14.46 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 12 Nov 2015 07.12.11




Test your knowledge of modern and contemporary American poets with this classic 4Pics1Meaning quiz. Inspired by ModPo. Built to support the Kelly Writers House.

Download on the App Store NOW!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Aug 2015 16.31.38 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Aug 2015 16.41.49 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Aug 2015 16.43.06

About The Kelly Writers House

The Kelly Writers House was founded in 1995 by a group of students, faculty, staff and alumni and is an actual 13-room house at 3805 Locust Walk on Penn’s campus that serves as a center for writers of all kinds from Penn and the Philadelphia region at large. Each semester the Writers House hosts approximately 150 public programs and projects–poetry readings, film screenings, seminars, web magazines, lectures, dinners, radio broadcasts, workshops, art exhibits, and musical performances–and about 500 people visit the House each week. They work, write, and collaborate in seminar rooms, a publications room, the “hub” office, a cozy living room, a dining room, a kitchen with plenty of space for conversation, and “the Arts Cafe,” the wonderfully open south-facing room that was originally the parlor. Writers House also has a strong virtual presence. Ongoing interactive webcasts give listeners from across the country the opportunity to talk with writers such as Ian Frazier, Richard Ford, and Cynthia Ozick. And via  dozens of listservs and email discussion groups,  writers and readers link from across the country and around the world. Through its many programs and projects, the Writers House promotes the full range of contemporary literature, addressing writing both as a practice and as an object of study.

About ModPo

From the Coursera website:

“In this fast-paced course we will read and encounter and discuss a great range of modern and contemporary U.S. poets working in the “experimental mode,” starting with the 19th-century proto-modernists Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman and ending with 21st-century conceptual poetics. Aside from providing a perhaps handy or helpful survey and chronology of 20th- and 21st-century poetry, this course offers a way of understanding general cultural transitions from modernism to postmodernism. Some people may wish to enroll as much to gain an understanding of the modernism/postmodernism problem through a study of poetry as to gain access to the work of these many poets. Participants do not need to have any prior knowledge of poetry or poetics. The instructor, Al Filreis, rarely lectures, and frequently calls for “the end of the lecture as we know it”; instead, the video-recorded lessons will consist of collaborative close readings led by Filreis, seminar-style—offering models or samples of readers’ interpretations of these knotty but powerful poems, aided by the poetry-minded denizens of the Kelly Writers House on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.”




Kitty Do You Love Me?

A team of kitty scientists, with little furry bodies, have been working for several years (cat years) on discovering what cats are really trying to tell us and in fact if they really do love us at all. Their findings have now been released and are revealed for the first time here.

Can you be sure your pussycat really loves you? Cats are so fickle. Find out what your cat is thinking right now.

Download on the AppStore NOW!

Kitty Do You Love Me? Kitty Do You Love Me? Kitty Do You Love Me?





The Ultimate Sci-Fi Word Puzzle Game now available on the App Store!

Sci_Fi Movie Word Puzzle - FreeSci-Fi Movie Word Puzzle iPhone Game Sci_Fi Movie Word Puzzle - Free

Find hidden Sci-Fi Movies in this FREE classic wordsearch puzzle game. Includes 20th and 21st Century Sci-Fi Movies, Horror Movies and now the new advanced version also has Fantasy Movies and Sci-Fi Heroes packs. Accept the challenge of achieving quests and gaining bonus points.

The final frontier of alternate dimensions. Reveal alien words for galactic recognition. Sandworm your way through a chaotic assembly to restore order. ‘oH Qaw’



Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush

Beat your friends and family at this simple yet infuriating game! Available to play now on the App Store.

Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush  Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush Jelly Up - Flappy Fish Nightmare Crush

Help Jolly Jelly escape the Grumpy Groupers! Collect points on the way to the surface and compete with friends.
Instant family fun.

~ How to Play
Tap to make Jelly change direction.

~ Features
Game Center
Twitter and Facebook sharing

Enjoy the game!