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The perfect shopping companion. Will save you a ton of money and put an end to cupboards stuffed full of unused and unworn items bought on a whim.

Simply answer a few quick questions and find out if a purchase is right for you. Cuts though the brainfog of indecision on the spot, when you need it most.

Minimalism isn’t for everyone though piles of stuff everywhere that you don’t use isn’t fun either. And it’s expensive.

***Serious brain stuff***
There’s science to back this up too. Something about NLP breaking state, blah blah *yawn*. It just works… Ok?

And yes there is irony in that it’s a paid app and you can’t use it to decide whether to buy it or not. We just don’t think you should be distracted by ads and someone else trying to sell you something. And the kids still need feeding…

Download it now and make all your shopping decisions painless from now on!

No more ~

-piles of useless junk
-unworn clothes
-empty bank accounts
-buyer’s remorse

And watch out for more in the series ~

To Bin or Not To Bin
To Date or Not To Date
To Eat or Not To Eat

Let us know how you get on and of course we’re always open to accepting a % of anything you save 🙂